Your Candidate for Missouri House District 135

When Trust Matters, A Strong, Intelligent Woman With A Passion To Serve; A Green Choice For You In 2020

Why Support Vicke?

I CARE —a lot— and am not afraid to stand up against big-money forces. I am not for sale; money will not buy my vote. Government is currently divided, and we must look at issues, ethics, and morality over partisanship. I do not want to go to Jefferson City to just vote; I want to propose legislation that will protect YOU and Missouri’s precious natural resources.

Why Planet First?

Save the humans. No matter what we do to this beautiful planet, it will survive; humans, however, may not. It is up to us to change our course and sustain resources for the well-being of our grandchildren and their grandchildren. I simply cannot understand why those in power put short-term profits and interests before humanity. Pharmaceuticals and chemicals pollute our waterways, and plastic fills our landfills and oceans. We can do better, and, if elected, I will be a voice for Missouri’s natural resources.

The Issues

Renewable energy—Create state plan for being powered with 100% renewable energy.

Reduce pollution at every level.

Promote growth and manufacturing of hemp in Missouri.

Expand Medicaid and healthcare for all.

Increase democracy, and respect the wishes of voters (instead of trying to undo voter initatves).

Increase worker rights.

Base decisions on future generations—not shortterm profts.

Stop giving tax cuts to the rich, and use that money to help the citizens of Missouri.

My Experience

Hi, I’m Vicke Kepling, and I AM APPLYING FOR THE JOB of State Representative of Missouri Legislative District 135. Voters will decide whom will be hired for this position. 

Why should you hire–vote for–me? I CARE A LOT ABOUT THE PEOPLE AND PLANET and am not afraid to stand up against big-money forces. It is imperative that we protect our state’s natural resources for the sake of our children and our children’s children. 

My record is extensive. I have Master’s Degrees in Business Administration and Technical and Professional Writing along with a Graduate Certificate in Public Management, all from Missouri State University (MSU). Since graduating, I have taught at the University as an adjunct writing instructor. My list of community involvement is long and includes

  • Helping parents of children with disabilities with educational issues (fifteen years), including volunteering to attend IEP meetings with parents, creating a county group, speaking at a state senate meeting, serving five years on the MPACT Board of Directors, volunteering with parent/teacher associations, and raising money to help schools
  • Fighting against the creation of two separate preschools for Springfield’s children with disabilities which included the removal of children from their neighborhood schools
  • Participating in the local Occupy Wall Street group and expanding my awareness of issues
  • Volunteering to help victims in Joplin after the tornado
  • Advocating against unnecessary wars and for the proper treatment of veterans in the Peace Network of the Ozarks
  • Focusing on sustainability in the classes I teach and sharing my activism history with presentations to organizations and classes, such as Missouri State University, Library Center, and League of Women Voters
  • Advocating for healthy, labeled food at March against Monsanto events, including co-organizing the first local march in 2013 with over 250 marchers
  • Working against additional Walmart stores in Springfield, including the one at Grand and Campbell, that ultimately closed locally-owned businesses
  • Working with environmental organizations, such as the MSU Students for a Sustainable Future and the Sierra Club White River Chapter, writing a proposal for solar-power tables (that was approved), and speaking at the national WOTUS hearing in Kansas
  • Being elected as a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders after founding the MSU Students for Bernie Sanders and organizing an all-day concert/event where 260 students registered to vote in one day
  • Standing with water protectors at Standing Rock by organizing a trip for twelve to North Dakota (including the gathering of supplies and fundraising of $1,350) and organizing seven rallies at local banks to advocate for bank divestment of fossil fuel investments
  • Standing for racial justice by joining the local NAACP, chairing the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Committee, attending Black Lives Matter rallies, and marching at Ferguson after the shooting of Michael Brown
  • Organizing twelve weekly rallies for Medicare for All and supporting medical marijuana in Missouri by volunteering, designing the Yes on 2/No on 3 logo, and printing buttons
  • Lobbying two days in Jefferson City in opposition of SB391, which removed local control against CAFOs
  • Advocating for justice on all levels: social, economic, racial, gender, sexual, and environmental

Thank you for your donation. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Please find my campaign on Facebook at Vicke Kepling for MO135 or on the web at