About Vicke Kepling

Your Candidate for Missouri House District 135

When Trust Matters, A Strong, Intelligent Woman With A Passion To Serve; A Green Choice For You In 2020

My son gave me my voice. I am a single mother of an adult with disabilities. When my son was young, I became an advocate for him and other children. I learned about state and federal laws and shared what I learned with other parents. My activism began with my son. I moved back to my home state of Missouri in 2009 and went back to school, completing master’s degrees in Business Administration and Technical and Professional Writing and a graduate certificate in Public Management at Missouri State University (MSU). Since graduating, I have taught writing classes as an adjunct instructor at MSU.

My activism expanded through the years. During the recession in 2008, I lost most of my 401K and about half of the equity of my home in Ohio. I watched as American taxpayers bailed out the banks and how those tax dollars went to give millions in bonuses to bank officials, while Americans lost money, and, in many instances, lost their homes and livelihoods. It was wrong, and Americans knew it. I awakened to the increasing inequality of income and wealth, to the loss of our middle class, and to rising poverty levels. I awakened to the atrocities of Citizens United and to how our government officials protect and support big-money and corporate interests over those of the working person. I learned that corporations put profits before the people and planet and that our planet is dire straits.

I want to help. I have fought for change locally and now offer my services to you at the state level.

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